Two Word Jewels


The show is an experiment in ritual and time. Firstly, it will exist in space, minutes, and season. Second, the imprint of participation can last for a long while. Third, someday all present will decompose, geology will take over, and Tribes will have been real.

On October 5, 2012 join us for the October 5th of your life, including homemade applesauce, sculpture, sound, light, and cheap beer/live girls. Bring the extra contents of your extra pockets to empty and we’ll turn it into treasure.

Collaborating artists include Rob Peterson, Sarah Skenazy, Sophie Nichols, Allyson Packer, Graham Parker Ansell, Olivia Peebles, Moira Connelly, and Jane-Claire Quigley.

Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming by Carl Watson BOOK PARTY!

Book Release Party!  
Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming by Carl Watson
a gathering of the tribes gallery
2285 E. 3rd St.  2nd floor
Saturday Sept. 22nd. 7 pm.
Special guests and cheap refreshments
Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming is the first novel in Carl Watson’s trilogy covering the last three decades of the 20th century.  It is published by Sensitive Skin Books, the book publishing arm of Sensitive Skin magazine.  Watson will be reading excerpts from the book, and along with other material. Special guests will also be on hand.  Come celebrate in the relaxed atmosphere of the Tribes Gallery, one of the great cultural institutions of the East Village.

Here’s what the critics have to say:

Carl Watson evokes his desolation angels with great empathy and care, but also with ruthless candor. He writes like someone who pushed himself to the wall, then pushed through it to the void and came back with stories to tell. Here he reclaims the Seventies, one of the more desolate of recent epochs, with the clarity of Proust, the balefulness of Bodenheim, and the raw honesty of an Iggy song.
—John Strausbaugh, author of Black Like You and Sissy Nation
“CW writes like he put his thumb in the air on some two-lane American highway that used to be an Indian Trail, where he got picked up by God. Like he has come back to the fire in the woods we have gathered around at the end of the world with our loved ones to tell us what he saw.
—Andrew Huebner, author of We PierceAmerican By Bloodand East of Bowery

With prose unfurling like cigarette smoke bleeding into that cloud of half-forgotten memories forever shadowing missed opportunities that hangs over a noonday dive somewhere during the twilight of the last blown century, heartbreak rock-n-roll on the radio crackling in exquisite precision between am stations and windswept interstates, Carl Watson daydreams before silent black-and-white televisions in SRO lobbies or as he drinks himself sober in crumbling Chicago tenements. Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming explodes the bleary-eyed myth of the American road.
—Donald Breckenridge, author of This Young Girl Passing

Carl Watson’s work is desolate poetry. He writes with sharp nostalgia for a past that really wasn’t all that great. It feels like a stay in a down-and-out motel, but right on the other side of the paper-thin wall is transcendence. Watson never lets you forget that even in the most desperate situations, there is humor (even if it’s mostly black) and greatness of the spirit. —Emily XYZ, United States of Poetry

Odetta Hartman / McKenzie Toma / Jim Flynn

ODETTA HARTMAN: Deeply soulful songwriter, very talented performer, and East Village member-at-large, will be performing with her band.

MCKENZIE TOMA: Striking voice and compositions, dark, beautiful.

JIM FLYNN: Tribes / Catweazle member-at-large.

TRIBES GALLERY: The iconic Alphabet City salon space, perhaps the last of its kind still standing in new york. The creation of its sole inhabitant, Steve Cannon, the one-and-only, the blind poet and retired professor, the prophet and instigator.

Friday Sept 1st


Groove, Bang, and Jive Around

Release Party Tuesday, August 28, 6-9 pm

Perform if you want to, round robin reading, wine as always.

Steve’s nasty, dirty book, is now on the world wide interwebs. Bring your infernal device loaded with the book and be prepared to read and blush.

NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon Kindle

Or through Smashwords, who give Steve a much bigger cut.
Enter code “LJ25S” to buy for $5.99 until Sept 28.

Google Books / Google Play: Currently the best bargain, and offering 20% preview!

Barnes & Noble Nook

Links to all retailers will be available on Tribes’s Books page.

Annette, the heroine of Steve Cannon’s underground classic Groove, Bang, and Jive Around, is a black New Orleans teenager with serious family troubles and a recently acquired appetite for sex. In Cannon’s hands her story becomes a satire on every aspect of American culture: race politics, religion, and sexual freedom. In its opening chapters Groove is almost a conventional erotic novel, with the more frenzied sexual activity set against a backdrop of jazz and voodoo; but halfway through, Cannon takes his heroine to the Oz-like Oo-bla-dee, an idyllic country – supposedly founded by Dizzy Gillespie – where “people ran their own lives.” There, after witnessing much revelry and payback, Annette meets her real mother, who reveals to her the true circumstances of her birth. Although Groove, Bang, and Jive Around sold more than 150,000 copies when it first appeared, it was not available for twenty years, and copies of the 1997 printing have rarely stayed in one place long. This is the first eBook publication, aiming to make the book widely available while providing some much-needed income to its author and his organization.

Thank Janet Bruesselbach. Contact for review copy.

Bluebird of Happiness Homecoming Danse

Rayvon Browne curates an exquisite Bluebirdman of Happiness Homecoming Danse to celebrate their return from touring abroad. And we mean boogie. This event is a cool part of the annual NYC Charlie Parker festival.

Saturday, August 11
5-10pm, $5
A Gathering of the Tribes
285 E. 3rd St., 2nd Floor, NYC 10009



Isaac Katalay is an artist and orator whose main objective is to promote the beauty of connections in humanity. Born in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and now living in New York City, Isaac Katalay’s music represents the blending of two worlds. For the past two decades, Isaac has worked as an ensemble musician, choreographer, dancer, and speaker. It is the everyday movements and music of daily life that provide a lens through which Isaac Katalay experiences the world.


St. Lenox is the current project of Andy Choi.  He was trained as a concert violinist at Juilliard, and learned the Great American Songbook at jazz jam sessions in Columbus, OH.  He is an electronic singer-songwriter who employs sampling, classical melody lines, soul music and pop skill to write songs about politics, love, and the wonders of ordinary life.


Albert is a bit of keys maestro, a precociousness that fulminates in a Baroque-Vaudeville-Death-Metal contraption. Joined by brother Charles on drums, father Ned on soprano sax, and Steve Conroy on bass.

Photo credit: Jim Flynn


Morgan Heringer is a “ukulele virtuoso” (The New York Times) and Cal Folger Day has “vocal control & onstage presence [that] command attention” (The New Yorker). Together they present a diverse set of original tunes & compositions, plus some remix’d classix, featuring vocal harmonies & swapping around on keyboard, uke, guitar, Casio, upright bass, mandolin, melodica, & more. The release of their second album ‘Companion’ in May 2012 was followed by a tour of the UK. They will release their third set of recordings with Basement Floods Records in October 2012.

Photo credit: Charles Lavoie

Rio = +

Esta exposición es un reportaje fotográfico, en blanco y negro, de la escena y los acontecimientos que rodearon la conferencia RIO+20 de Rio de Janeiro, organizada por las Naciones Unidas el pasado mes de junio, contados por Conceição Praun.

La exposición coincide con los continuos esfuerzos de Praun para coordinar  la Conferencia de Partidos (COP), que se celebra anualmente y a la cual está vinculada desde el año 2009.

Conceição Praun,  nació en Olinda, Pernambuco, al noreste de Brasil.

Praun se interesó en los complejos procesos existentes tras la “cámara obscura” (laboratorio) y aprendió los principios de este mecanismo óptico mientras residía en Londres. Es allí donde tuvo su primera exposición. Cuando vivía en París, conoció a Georges Fèvre (1930-2007), un maestro del revelado que había aprendido la técnica con el famoso Henri Cartier-Bresson. De esta relación surge el interés de Praun por “el instante decisivo” (‘l’instant décisif’), la teoría de Bresson.

Fèvre que se convirtió en el mentor de Praun e influyó mucho en su carrera, le hizo prometer que se centraría en los contrastes metafísicos del blanco y  el negro.

Sus fotografías se basan en las características de la espontaneidad de la composición y en las atmósferas que van de lo conciso a lo borroso.

Praun viaja alrededor del mundo buscando subrayar las condiciones sociales y las circunstancias del entorno para concienciar sobre las conductas de la sociedad.


“Cuidar del entorno es un deber que trasciende los límites culturales, socio-económicos y de todo tipo” – Conceição


Lugar: A Gathering of the Tribes
285 E. 3rd Street, 2nd Fl. (entre las Avenidas C and D) New York, NY 10009

Inauguración: Domingo, 2 de septiembre, 2012 de 6 a 9 pm

Clausura:  Domingo 30 de septiembre, 2012.   De 6 a 9pm

{Música en vivo y aperitivos}


Fechas de exposición: Del domingo 2 de septiembre al domingo 30 de septiembre, 2012

Horario de la galería: de 1 a 6pm, todos los días.