The FIRST issue of Tribes (1991) [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]

Tribes Issue 1 Cover.jpg
Tribes Issue 1 Cover.jpg

The FIRST issue of Tribes (1991) [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]


That's right, folks, spread the word. The one and only PREMIERE issue of Tribes Magazine, published in the Fall of 1991, is now available for digital download. The issue features art, poetry, prose, and interviews by legendary Lower East Side friends of Tribes including David Hammons, Paul Beatty, Ishmael Reed, Katherine Arnoldi, Pedro Pietri, Jessica Hagedorn, Sekou Sundiata, Barbara Barg, Victor Hernández Cruz, and so many more. 

Here's the full Table of Contents:

1 David Hammons - Interview
7 David Hammons - Photograph by Coreen Simpson
8 Telephone Booth #905 1/2 - Poem by Pedro Pietri
9 Lee's Circle - Chapter from Looney Tunes by Steve Cannon
10 Late 20th Century Sexuality - Song by Barbara Barg
11 It's A Spike Thang, You Wouldn't Understand - Essay by Christian Haye
16 Spike Lee - Drawing by Rodrigo Pascal
17 Postcards of El Barrio - Poem by Willie Perdomo
18 Our Landlord - Story by Katherine Arnoldi
19 Debby Arkansas - Street Photo
20 No Tag Backs - Poem by Paul Beatty
28 Jizz - Pen & Ink by Gail Schilke
29 Humanifesto - By Evelyn McDonnel, Ed Morales, Mike Tyler
30 Stigmata - Work in Progess by Jessica Hagedorn
33 Not In Denial - Collage by Jimmy Kellough
34 The Lancage - Essay by Mike Tyler
36 Blink Your Eyes - Poem by Sekou Sundiata
38 Summit - Poem by Jayne Cortez
39 Jemeel Moondoc - Pen & Ink by Gail Schilke
40 Downtown - Essay by Jennifer Waters/Blowdryer
41 Feeding - Poem by John Farris
42 Eye Scream - Pen & Ink by Gail Schilke
43 Perennial Ritual - Poem by Quincy Troupe
44 The Real War - Song by Maggie Dubris
45 Time To Get Paid - Photo by Algernon Miller
46 Rare & Beautiful Things At Half-Price - Poem by Bob Holman
47 Quarantine - Poem by Miguel Algarin
48 Quiddity - Collage by Jimmy Kellough
49 Two Poems - By Victor Hermtndez Cruz
50 Romance Without Finance - Poem by Al Young
51 Ban no Koto - Poem by Ishmael Reed

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