" The last New York bohemian " - El País, the main newspaper in Spain.

Steve Cannon, in the living room of his last home in New York, in December.  ACAUTHEN9

Steve Cannon, in the living room of his last home in New York, in December. ACAUTHEN9

By Mireia Sentis

With the death of the popular publisher, gallery owner and writer Steve Cannon, a way of life that seduced the less conventional artists of the Big Apple disappears

If the word "oxymoron" were a person, who would it be? How easy is the response to this children's game for those who knew the epicenter of the most productive clutter in downtown New York: "Steve Cannon!". This blind of panoramic vision directed To Gathering of the Tribes, organization founded in 1991, that included an art gallery, a publishing house for novice authors, a magazine and a seat - his own apartment - that fulfilled the function of the performance hall (concerts, performances , poetic recitals, book presentations), university classroom and refuge for anyone who wanted to converse, at any time of the day or night, with strangers who were converted from that moment and for always part of the Tribes family.

Professor Cannon, a true Hamelin, orchestrated all these activities from a dilapidated sofa that did not leave or sleep (the bedroom was a temporary shelter for artists who came looking for a place in the sun in the Big Apple), something he did when he felt like it , whatever happened at that moment in his room. On that island where there were no rules of any kind, they were going to smoke who could not do it in another covered place, to drink those who did it at the wrong time, or to face constructive as well as destructive criticism who needed to show or comment on an incipient creation in any discipline. Also, those who wanted to find out where the intellectual or artistic currents of the city would flow next. In that intergenerational, interethnic and international space to which books arrived, magazines and invitations at a dizzying pace, access to extensive information. In 2014, Cannon moved to a smaller place, in the same neighborhood, the East Village, where he continued with the magazine - already in digital format -, the publishing house and its activitygriot or transmitter of stories and knowledge for all.

Steve Cannon, who died on July 7 after stumbling on his stationary bike - "I was run over," he joked from the hospital - was born in New Orleans in 1935 . After living a couple of years in London among the group of writers known as Angry Young Men ( comprised of John Osborne, Harold Pinter, Kingsley Amis, Alan Sillitoe ..., he settled in New York in 1962. In 1969 he published a novel that would reach the category of worship: Groove, Bang and Jive Around (Enjoy, fuck and have fun out there), built in the style that his friend Ishmael Reed would announce as neohoodoo and published by Girodias, son of the editor of Henry Miller. The vicissitudes of a girl who runs away from home and lives the most extreme adventures are narrated with an accelerated rhythm, full of Southern lingo and poetic cadences. What should have been his second novel disappeared in a fire, and since then he opted for theater and poetry. At the present time he was working on a memoir that dictated to a tape recorder and he thought it was entitled Never Too Old To Blush (Never too old to blush).

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Loretta Auditorium Presents The Body of Loretta - Texts and notes by J.P. Slote

JP Slote The Body of Loretta.jpg

Loretta Auditorium Presents The Body of Loretta. Three plays on the pornography of power, free will on the free market, and arousal in the public realm. An experimental theatre company from NYC’s Lower East Side (1980s) travels between East and West Europe before the fall of the Iron Curtain; the rise of human trafficking with the triumph of the West; the story of Loretta; the story of the collective creation of three plays. With color photos from productions. Texts and notes: J.P. Slote. With a foreword by Martin Reckhaus.

Fly by Night Press. Publication date: April 15, 2019. 156 pages. Price: $20.

ISBN-13: 978-1-7321260-3-9

Upcoming Fly By Night Press release: LIVING WITHOUT SKIN by Gabriel Don

Upcoming Fly By Night Press release: LIVING WITHOUT SKIN by Gabriel Don

This is Gabriel Don. Her light cannot be kept in a jar. Her words turn lead into gold. Don’t mess with her babies — she will G check you without a posse. She is Queen Elizabeth I encamped at Tilbury, she is Isis piecing Osiris together, she is dangerous and vulnerable and powerful. Powerful because vulnerable. This is Gabriel Don’s first collection and she doesn’t mean business; she means “Oh Henry you can’t be so clumsy with your cock.” Don’t let the politeness fool you.

- Sharon Mesmer, Polish-American poet, fiction writer, essayist and professor of creative writing

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

          Steve Cannon is an ambassador and guardian for Jazz. Late at night in his apartment on East 6th st, in between thinking about the cosmos and the next chapter of his memoirs, he bangs on the piano. But mostly Steve keeps jazz alive by running his damn mouth. How many times have I heard the tale of him bumpin into Miles at the Village Vanguard, and bein Mr. Enthusiasm, going right up to Miles to ask if he'd played Kinda Blue yet, and Miles coming back with a minor note- “I played it. Didn’t you hear it?”.

"Word: An Anthology" now at the Smithsonian Libraries

"Word: An Anthology" now at the Smithsonian Libraries

We at A Gathering of the Tribes are happy to announce that our latest edition "Word: An Anthology" can now be found at the Smithsonian Libraries' National Museum of African American History and Culture Library.

Tribes wants YOU to apply to work with us!

We are a multicultural arts organization that runs an online magazine and publishes books of poetry on demand.

We are searching for an office administrator who is tech savvy to assist our director, a blind retired professor in day-to-day tasks. Tasks will include taking dictation, sending emails, updating website, keeping books and reading to professor. Candidate should know SquareSpace, book keeping and be able to take dictation. Ability to write grants and write html is a plus. 

Interested candidates should call (212) 777-2038 or email

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Children’s Books Missed These Immigrant Stories. So Students Wrote Them. (NYTimes)

Children’s Books Missed These Immigrant Stories. So Students Wrote Them. (NYTimes)

Greatness surrounds Melissa Cabrera when she attends classes at Bronx Community College. That should not be surprising, because the campus is home to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, where busts of scientists, scholars and statesmen, among others, line a grand colonnade that wraps around Gould Memorial Library, an architectural treasure designed by Stanford White.

The Path

The Path

After two and a half years, a Gathering of the Tribes is proud to announce its Anthology of 50 poets and 50 artists called WORD, has been released into the world. And due to popular demand, Tribes is in the process in doing a second printing of the above.