What is the Point of the Beat in Hip-Hop and Rap?

The Congolese musicians arrived.  They went immediately into their complex bongo, conga, and chakra rhythms, making their opening sequence a tribute to their African deities.  This was accompanied by a lively dance, performed by lithe, agile male and female dancers, each of whom had obviously been honing their craft since childhood. 

The Oslo Debate

Great theater requires high stakes conflict. In Oslo, J.T. Rodger’s tour-de-force, cross-cultural opus now playing at Lincoln Center Theater, there is no shortage of conflict. In a play largely made up of talks between the state of Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, this is to be expected.

I Am Not Your Negro Review

What does a revolution look like in 2017? In our cable news-facilitated present moment in which the unified voting patterns of white Americans are portrayed as a silent revolution of sorts, it’s almost hard to imagine a time when groups like The Black Panthers were even able to be revolutionary in their willingness to exercise their second amendment right to bear arms.