A Wall Street Whodathunkit

Michael Lewis was certainly not the first Wall Street insider to wake up with a conscience one morning and write a kiss-and-tell book to get a mind-bending revelation off his chest: Banks collude with the government and financial “experts” to rip you off. Whodathunkit, huh?

Rousing the Rubble

Say, U are into modes – in your solitude – the A train – Coltrane – The F train – The D – straight to Queens – traveling undersound of Jazz – Like, Jazz me, Jazz me baby, all night long!

A Conceptual Journey by George Spencer

Recently I moved to Stuyvesant, New York, a small farming community, about 25 miles south of Albany on the Hudson River.  I used to live in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Peter Stuyvesant, the last Director General of the Dutch colony of New Netherlands, named the area Boswijck in 1661.

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