Artwork draws attention

The painting by Missouri student David Pulphus, 18, was hung there after he won a local art competition in Clay’s district. Nobody objected to it until earlier this month, when police organizations began raising objections to the painting’s depiction of an officer as a pig.

The Wasted Times

The Wasted Times is a powerful, multi-layered, richly lived film about a cat-and-mouse battle for power between the Japanese and Chinese in Shanghai in the years running up to the Japanese invasion of the city in 1937.

Risk Game Reviewed

This book is a fine read.  What one mighthave thought would have been a trip through real estate jargon or the behemoth ego of a self made bazillionaire and highly auccesful multi-tasker, is instead a captivating and at times emotionally wrenching journey through the diverse interests of an extraordinary life.

Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest Reviewed

I don’t recall the year nor the subject of my first critical text. Most likely it was a movie review slapped together for the high school paper I started (and was summarily barred from contributing to by my handlers—teachers, administration, counselors, etc.—in retaliation for my satire of the local, small town New England PD)

Standing Rock

The garbage waving in the trees, lit by the streetlight, looked for a minute like prayer flags, and although I was walking through Brooklyn, for a minute I was back in Standing Rock. The day that we walked to the barricade on Highway 1806. With the tree whose branches were full of multicolored prayers waving in the wind.