HERE, NOW Poetry Reading

HERE, NOW is an extremely occasional reading series which brings together local writers, the published and unpublished, the celebrated and the secret. It's a celebration of writing craft and practice and the importance of books and writers in our community. Featuring, Reyna Eisenstark, Brian Dewan, Norman Douglas, Grace Bonner, Irene Mitchell, and hosted by Karen Schoemer. 

Word Anthology Second Printing!

Hooray for Love! Our second printing of WORD: An Anthology by A Gathering of the Tribes has been ordered and are now available for purchase. Click on the link below! Meanwhile, check out this video of our April 1st Release party brought to you by the fine filmmakers at Neighborhood Slice Productions. 

Review of Ronit and Jamil

I turn fifty this year—a distinction I share with The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the famed Summer of Love… and the Six Day War that brought victory to the state of Israel and began the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights that continues down to this day. Sgt. Pepper holds up well enough, but most fans now prefer Revolver or Rubber Soul; the Summer of Love very quickly turned to the Winter of Discontent in 1968; the Occupation sadly remains the same, a seemingly perpetual trap for both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

The Path

After two and a half years, a Gathering of the Tribes is proud to announce its Anthology of 50 poets and 50 artists called WORD, has been released into the world. And due to popular demand, Tribes is in the process in doing a second printing of the above.

NewsSteve Cannon
Our Hero

When a gunman opened fire on congressional Republicans at a baseball practice, a Capitol Police officer from Baltimore County was among three officers who stepped up to engage him.

Ian Duncan