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A Gathering of the Tribes is an arts and cultural organization dedicated to excellence in the arts from a diverse perspective.

A Gathering of the Tribes is a non-profit arts and culture online magazine dedicated to excellence in the arts from a diverse perspective. Founded originally as a print magazine by Steve Cannon in 1991 when he lost his eyesight to glaucoma, A Gathering of the Tribes operated for more than two decades, evolving into a place where artists could meet and exchange ideas regardless of their medium or level of career success. Few spaces in the city nurtured the kind of close-knit, pan-disciplinary cultural situations that A Gathering of the Tribes imparted. Ishmael Reed, Quincy Troupe, Paul Beatty, David Hammons, Eileen Myles, Nicole Eisenman, Robert Colescott, and Wynton Marsalis are just some of the now-legendary New York creatives whose early works were shared with the world through A Gathering of the Tribes’s annual print magazine.

Tribes.org is the online continuation of this legacy. Our online magazine bridges generations by publishing the work of emerging artists and writers side by side with their more established elders in an effort to build an audience for a new, diverse generation of poets, artists, and writers. We tirelessly promote the work of our fellow artists and activists, in and out of Tribes, deepening the cultural network our work helps create. In doing this we expose our young writers to a broader audience, engage their work with the pressing cultural issues of the day, and encourage them to reach the level of their more established peers.