"Eternity" by David Henderson



(to Yemanja, from the heart)



Mother      Mother      Mother

of the eternal waters

this century this day this equinox

yesterday and tomorrow and right now --forever

the coming and going of eternity

here as now as ever before

as here     now   as ever

the water   the wind    the sand    the sun

I salute the four elements to the four quarters



Coming from the heart

I mean no harm

I want that old

time religion

it's good enough

good enough

its good enough


our faces turned towards eternity

that  sound of the sea

that has sounded the same



Was there ever a beginning?

Is there ever an end?

When all we have

before us

is eternity eternity


Mother of all oceans

Mother of all waters

your band of gold and silver sheen

surrounds our earth

Mother of all waves and tides

Mother of rock and sand

Mother of wind and storm

Mother of sun and fire

hello Mother hello

hello Mother hello


hello eternity


so as now

as before and forever

so as now

as before   and forever



vibrate centuries

drummer drum

traps or conga bata or machine

go drummer

go drummer


hello Mother hello

welcome to this cove

in time

between crests of the sea

so as now   as before   and forever

hello Pacific Ocean

hello Mother, welcome

hello Mother, welcome


as here now as ever before

as here now as ever before

flowing forever thru eternity

flowing forever thru eternity

the waters encircling the earth

the waters holding the earth

together in a band of unity


so as now as ever

before and forever

so as now as ever before

and forever


across the earth

upon the waters

the golden band of unity

waters flowing from Africa

through America

for Asia    for Africa


the ocean sounds the mother drum

the ocean sounds the mother drums

go drummers go drummer


for whatever had brought us here

let us not forget

our journey was not in vain


Hello America, Hello Asia, Hello Africa

pentatonic pentecostal

pentatonic pentecostal

Buddha and Congo  Koto and Rada

Go Koto Go Koto   Go Koto

centuries undulate in string and wood

centuries vibrate in skin and wood

go koto, go drummer, go koto, go drummer

Hello Africa, Hello Asia, Hello America

gold and silver bands of unifying waters

the circle is complete

let the circle be un    broken

let the circle be unbroken

hello Mothe r





     Tribes Issue 3