my friend hal says relationships

are difficult and the designer

in the locker room says as

she applies the letter of

the law along with her lingerie:

if hes not a great lover

kick him out


at 14th & 8th the undercover

cop saying first thing in

the morning its fucking good

friday de jesus you tell me

was the original slave

ship look it up and

i was reading about the


german police who were

sent to poland to mop

up each and every jew

and did a just about

perfect job you and

i practically come

to blows on the silent


stairway as to whose

holocaust was worse almost

waking the sleeping baby and

lady next door how terrible

we are and then we get

inside, close the door, probably

fight some more, till the light


is out, and undercover of

night (we drop the cop) and

our better selves merge

reemerge change shape color

and form shimmering hexagons

triangles circles lavender

yellow red kaleidoscope


making love means making love




      from "Skulls Head Samba"