An Operatic Analysis of the Auditory Value of the Economic Structure of Language (by Fly)


      lips are flappin but nuthins happnin



part one

noise & money are only words



in the beginning was the word

& the word was a noise

that symbolized an abstract idea

like the idea of value

which can be heard in the noise of money

which is the loudest word in the dictionary

piledriver is another loud word

when you hear it you know that money is on the way

the approach of money being very loud & rhythmic

symbolizing destruction

but defined as construction

in the dictionary

which is full of words

& costs money



part two

the definition is authority




the definitions of words are permanent

although the pronunciation changes

as well as the context & intention

the words rebel against their meaning

the definitions attempt to assert their permanance

we can only understand the temporary

because we have the disease of experience

& we have no money

to buy a dictionary



part three

the disease of experience



where i'm sitting (on the street) smells like shit

but its quiet

I have no money so there is no noise

coming from my pockets

a homeless black man passes me

& he has no money

so his only value is in what noise he can make

with his mouth

so he is talking constantly

but he's not using words

from the dictionary

part four

this is how the economy equals the dictionary



some people -- when they talk -- their words come with a money symbol

thats cause what theyre saying is very expensive

since words are money

then not everybody can have them

or use them to get more

in fact

some people when they use certain words

will get into a lot of trouble

cause they are saying expensive things

but their words are missing the money symbol

now they will have to pay the price

if you don't have a money symbol then

your conversations must be held in secret

meaning they must not be broadcast

but they may be monitored

some people -- because of who they are -- have an automatic money symbol

because they grew up with a lot of words

people who are not born into words have to struggle harder to be understood

sometimes they will make their own words

or scavenge for them on the street

& these words are considered dangerous

by the people who own the dictionaries

because they don't understand them

but they are popular

because they are free


(babies make noises unaware that they are creating a new & ancient language

because they havent yet learned about money)




part five





the people who write dictionaries

live in silence

that is why they are so obsessed with words

they live in silence

because they have so much money

that the noise has made them deaf

silence is the sound of power

as it pushes itself down onto money

pounding the abstract idea of value into people

like a piledriver


& all this noise is based on nothing

& controlled by silence.