For my sake, the world was created by Jonathan Chin



We found out by accident though if

love is entirely accidental then

the things that follow should also be.

We laid crumpled, defeated by the bodies

we used for language and tried

so hard to share -- the borrowed

rib, the salt and ashes. If we were truly

primal; if we were Yahweh's first proof

of concept we'd know time through

our biorhythm, counting where our

skin is thinnest: the inside wrists, the whale

bone jaw. Our hearts are for more than pressure

and pressed together you couldn't help but

follow. We settled a soft one two, one

two, one two three. The way one forgets the

sound of his own breathing, so too did we

forget this. The thunderstorm was just as easy.

Jonathan Chin is a senior at Boston University studying English and Computer Science. He grew up in New York City and graduated from Stuyvesant High School. He believes there is enough art in everyday life to inspire anyone and often writes about the things around him: cities, people, and world affairs. Jonathan is an advocate of the liberal arts as well as the martial arts, pursuing his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is a member of the acclaimed Doc Brown's Traveling Poetry Show and will be performing nonstop hours of slam styled poetry with them on Monday nights at the Lily Pad in Cambridge. He keeps busy by singularly organizing a visiting poets series, Contact Buzz. It is aimed at connecting aspiring college poets in the Boston area with more experienced poets in an informal and spirited atmosphere. He is also a member of Speak for Yourself, Boston University's only performance poetry group. They have put on shows with themes ranging from community service to racial equality and also spoken at a local high school for national poetry month. He can be reached at his website