I Told You- Poem by Nancy Mercado

I Told You

 That the implosion Of the United States Would occur in our lifetime

That hatred would Consume itself Bite off its hands

Feed on its entrails Feed on its own children

That this would explode into A billion body parts like fireworks On the 4th of July

  I told you the sun would rise One dead mornings Around white picket-fenced corners Waking Dick and Jane Turning their faces toward the mirror Crystallizing the cries of dead bodies Floating down rivers Of massacres and mass graves

 That the U.S. in Bosnia Would take Oklahoma by surprise That the U.S. In the Middle East In Africa Would pay New York City a visit


That U.S. policy makers Would meet in chandeliered-rooms For breakfast For lunch For dinner To toss stacks of paper around Like some ball game White-collar trash men


I told you that assassins Would come back into style That the Dark Ages would thrive In the 21st century

 I told you that McCarthy Would miraculously Come back from the dead


Nancy Mercado