A Suitcase Fulla Stuff to Carry a Girlchile to Womanhood - by T. Benson

A Suitcase Fulla Stuff to Carry a Girlchile to Womanhood Girlchile to womanhood is a very powerful/challengin time: heartbreaks and discoverin who you are can grieve some to the point of mind gone. If you don't have an older somebody's shoulder and even if you do -- you will still need some thangs when blues get past a glass of wine and you don't want to get all medicated up on Valiums and Prozac.


Nail polish and metal fingernail file (clean nails are very important and so is a weapon for stabbin enemies who tryin to stop girlchile from gettin to womanhood.)

For Colored Girls ... by Ntozake Shange

Hand held mirror (see yaself -- never let yaself look like a dragged down rag)

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

A fabulous white t-shirt or blouse

2 fabulous pairs of shoes (one pair hurts enough to shed half a tear.)

Mary J. Blige -- anything and everything by her

A fabulous skirt that makes you feel like the belle of the ball

A white candle and a 5 x 5 piece of white cloth (know how to get on knees and pray.)

A spiritual book (Bible, Koran, Torah ... etc.)

Unlined journal

Poetic Justice and Baby Boy video dir. By genius John Singleton (kiss my ass who ever don't think so. These are good coming of age love stories.)

Waiting to Exhale video (Fast forward it to the Angela Basset fuck a niggah up scene.)

Porn video (Don't ever let it be said you don't know how to suck dick ... or eat pussy if that's your thang.)

A box of your favorite tea

Chewing gum

Sade, Sweetest Taboo

Daughters of the Dust video and the book making of the movie (a film so beautiful it seems super real even if you don't understand what the story is about -- it helps you get outside ya self sometimes.)

Erotica Noir or any soulful erotic literature

1 or 2 White girl in angst cds such as Ani DiFranco or Fiona Apple

Any and all aromatherapy stuff for body and house

D'angelo -- anything and everything by him

Aretha Franklin's Best Of

Push by Sapphire (The blues story of the millennium.)

A silk scarf (Good for wrapping around hair and necks and dancing veil dances ... and other thangs.)

Sex toy (Even if you never have to play with ya own pussy you should always know how to turn yaself out.)

A deck of playing cards (and know how to play at least spades and solitaire.)

Victoria Secret lingerie

Comedy videos that make you laugh your ass off (Fridays, I Love Lucy, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle.)

from Wild Like That Good Stuff Smellin Strong