Andrew Castrucci - reviewed by Steve Cannon

"Andrew Castrucci: (Recent) Works Curated by David Hammons and Steve Cannon"At Tribes on the Lower East Side

review by Steve Cannon Director, A Gathering of the Tribes


One thing you can say about Andrew Castrucci, not only does he know his stuff, but he gets excited by and is continuously amazed in his explorations and discoveries of the unknown. For this show, since this is a lively and lived-in space, he decided to exhibit small works he calls installations centered on the theme of the human body, the flesh equals spirit.

In his origins as an artist, Andrew worked as an illustrator after studying illustration at School of Visual Arts, where he now teaches. Castrucci worked for as a book illustrator and for publications such as The Progressive, and the op-ed page of The New York Times. In his catalog and vocabulary of visuality, he traces his inspiration to such giants as Marcel Duchamp, who eternally reminds us that"Art is Life, Life is Art"; De Kooning, who claimed that painting was invented for the flesh, and the solitary, insular work of Edward Hopper.

In terms of technique, Andrew sees himself as drawing from two traditions: that of abstract expressionism and pop as it came through Andy Warhol and the graffiti artists. He makes his statements drawing from the best actions of dada and surrealism. When cornered, he likes to think in of himself in terms of fishing - always probing beneath the surface, and who knows what one might or might not catch. Castrucci is a true artist of the city, dedicated to the urban environment, and thinks of New York City as his home first.

Enjoy the work for yourself, it is what it is.

©2003 by Steve Cannon New York City February, 2003