Drenched - by S. Black

Ho hum, no one to castrate today, I'm in a humdrum no show rain-whacked summer lake phase, buckshot

drops splattering miniscule waves near slags of rocks

while all the mosquitoes are far away, folded in

their leaved cathedrals, humming hymns to deities

we underacknowledge. I'll swim with the girls in the

Pollocked pond till lightning shoos us safely from

sacred mishaps. We look like painted nudes Manet

would do, but why bother to describe this to you,

Houdini of the submerged trunk hour, bejeweled by

locks and chains, yanking magic into place like

a marvel while I wait breathlessly above to throw

my arms around your muscles and say "ooo, you're

wonderful," which I will do, thundered and nude.

from Waterworn