AIDS - by R. Giraldo

The transmission of AIDS from person to person is a myth. There is not logic neither scientific explanation for AIDS to be mostly "transmitted" homosexually in the West and "heterosexually" in the poor countries. The sexual transmission of AIDS has been assumed based on the high frequency by which AIDS occurs within a very selected group of drug addicted gay males in the developed world and by the similar frequency of the syndrome in both sexes within underdeveloped countries. Whenever there is an outbreak of a new disease, the first question to answer is: what are the new circumstances surrounding individuals who are getting the new illness. Coincidentally, AIDS appeared in distant and variable places of earth on the second half of the 20th century, at a moment when the immune system of humans, as well as other body systems are already saturated with exposures to a great variety of stressor agents. In AIDS the immune system is devastated, it is collapsed. All other body systems are also suffering the consequences of exposures to stressors. Immunological stressor agents are enough to destroy by themselves the immune system. There is no need for a virus to do this job.

Currently, humans, animals, and plants are all suffering from some level of immune suppression due to multiple, repeated, and chronic exposure to the alarming worldwide increment in immunological stressor agents, which can have a chemical, physical, biological, mental, and nutritional origin. This is why immunodeficiency is today pandemic.

The most important risk factor for AIDS in industrialized countries is the new epidemic of drugs abuse. During the last decades, the new circumstances surrounding gay males who develop AIDS in the West are their exposure throughout their life styles to drugs of abuse and other immunological stressors. In the Western countries, AIDS is mostly confined to male homosexuals, because they are more frequently exposed to immunological stressor agents, not because their homosexual preferences. Homosexuality has always existed. However, in the late sixties and early seventies some gay males in the United States and Europe introduced drugs and aphrodisiacs to their life styles.

On the other side, the new circumstances surrounding individuals of both sexes in the poorest countries of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean are their involuntary exposure to - the never before seen - high levels of poverty with all its consequences: malnutrition, unsanitary conditions, infections and parasites, lack of hope for a better life, which have reached unprecedented high levels in the last few decades. Here both sexes are equally exposed to immunological stressor agents. This is why in these countries the risk for AIDS is equal for both genders.

Nothing that we are told about AIDS is scientific validated. What we know as HIV does not fulfill the epidemiological and biological requirements, neither the common sense requirements to be the cause of AIDS. The so-called test for HIV cannot diagnose HIV infection. HIV may not even be a real virus either.

On the other side, the belief that a virus named HIV is the cause of AIDS, does not allow health care professionals, researchers, journalists, and lay people to see the real explanations for the ways that the AIDS epidemic is manifesting itself within different communities, countries, and continents. HIV is an obstacle for the objective causes of AIDS to be found. HIV neither permits the proper measures to be taken to stop the spread of the epidemic. This is the real danger of HIV. AIDS is the tip of an iceberg: it is the maximum manifestation of a global problem. The acquired immune deficiency syndrome is an alarm bell for a species in a struggle to survive due to the hostile conditions in which the human ecosystem has been converted.

The following are some of the reasons that researchers that believe that HIV is the cause of AIDS, have been given to explain why in Africa AIDS affects both sexes equally: late age at marriage, sexual craving and excesses, gross heterosexual promiscuity, highest levels of polygyny, rub of monkey's blood into cuts as an aphrodisiac, truck drivers who get HIV from prostitutes and then infect their wives, duration of postpartum abstinence, women allowed to participate in commerce and maintain separate budgets from husbands, high levels of sterility caused by widespread sexually transmitted diseases, unusual sexual practices that facilitate transmission, practice of female circumcision, lack of male circumcision, etc. All these are nothing but racism assumptions

Besides, western researchers love to accuse that HIV was originated in Africa from where it spread to the whole world. Something that disturbs me a lot is the obsession of western researchers to blame African people and animals for the origin of AIDS. Earlier, HIV researchers blame green African monkeys. Recently they blame on chimpanzees and sooty mangabeys. They speculate about exotic behavior of Africans with animals that facilitate "transmission" of animal viruses to humans. Research and publications on the origins of HIV/AIDS is "scientific" extravaganza that has nothing to do with real science. The entire "HIV science" is a fraud with terrible consequences for the human beings.

The infectious model of AIDS is the most frightening scientific fraud of modern science. It is the consequence of excessive dependence on the germ theory or microbiologic prejudice, the crisis in the scientific method, and the atmosphere of corruption that surrounds all sides of AIDS. In the end, it is a symptomatic fact of the crisis and decadency of current society.

President Thabo Mbeki of the Republic of South Africa is absolutely right in demanding scientific answer to "why is HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa heterosexually transmitted while in the Western world it is said to be largely homosexually transmitted?"

Fortunately, Africans will continue questioning and rejecting the ethnic fictions and racial slanders described here. They are already standing up to defend their integrity from intruders.

Some times researchers and scientists discover the laws of nature to serve the people. However, history of humankind has countless examples of how painters, writers, actors, photographers, musicians, and other artists are the ones who bring knowledge to the public. On April 2001, several rock bands will play a concert in New York City to spread the new message on AIDS. They named this event: "Rock The Boat" This time musicians and singers with notes of rock music explain that AIDS is a toxic and nutritional illness easily treatable, controllable and eradicable. Friends of Tribes Gallery are joining these voices.