What to Do in a Dream of Mass Detainment


What to Do in a Dream of Mass Detainment

Janet Gray


Make your bed because it will be inspected. Under your

bed keep a large box of books. A friend, witness, instruc-

tor in violation might be shrinking from boredom. Com-

fort, reconcile, offer a thick book about a wise child


who learns at the cost of dying sweetly. Keep a small torn

box of ragged paperbacks on power, freedom, suspi-

cion of the durability of opposites. Deal in

whatever simulates blasting off the roof Build wings. To-


day might be the last day, so dress up as the bride of free-

dom. But I don't count the days. Remember what there is to

say about power and repeat it. Lie. Remember the

people in stadiums used to be paid gods or free


citizens paying & coming & going. And I don't

know how long I'm in for. And they performed a mock hunt or war,

exhibition of movement among bodies. Fly or don't

fly, it is not a game for a spectator.