"Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind"


From Fly by Night Press Chavisa Woods

"Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind"

$14.95 195 pages available for order on amazon.com and at any Bookstore in the U.S.A.

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"Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind" is a collection of short stories focusing on the formative and tumultuous moments in the lives of two women as children and adults, whose relationship to one another is cast in an ambiguous light, and whose characters are abstracted within the context of each story. Primarily set in rural America and other transient realms, this book combines realism with elements of meta-fiction, magnifying the extraordinary interpersonal worlds created by the circumstances of their outer reality.

"Woods writes about love with a calloused hand, filling the spaces left by others. Her words etch a dotted line across your heart, instructing it precisely in where to break."

-Sabrina Chapadjiev (Cliterature, LiveThrough This: Women artists and Self-Destruction)

"Chavisa's stories are definitely written from an American Outsider perspective. She's a writer who watches, waits, and thinks for herself, bringing us close to the infernal life of the Americanly Ignorant and the articulate seer who lurks among them."

----Jennifer Blowdryer, (author of White Trash Debutante, Good Advice for Young Trendy People of all Ages, and Modern English.)