My Chippewa friend has Penobscot Nation messagesposted on her front door left there by her lover who lived with her before. I can’t say I was sorry to see him go cause he didn’t know how to party or hang with our jazzy gleeful flow He would often scream and was kinda mean thinking we weren’t in the know his favorite saying being “I told you damn fools to go!” At times now she mopes around her little place cause she says she misses his sexual dance it being the delicious apex of their stormy romance. But he had to go back home to help with the horses on his Dad’s big country ranch him teaching those beautiful horses to gallop around and prance since they’ll become his inheritance. His Dad’s getting old and can no longer process and hold that big place all by himself He doesn’t want to lose it or have it sold so he called all his children back to him putting a cramp in their roaming ways But he had to be realistic and not think like he still has his strong young carefree days. I asked my Chippewa friend if she was gonna visit her lover and hang out at his ranch She said no way cause in that lifestyle she doesn’t stand a chance. I told her she could learn. She said urban life is for me I want to be away from all that farm misery I need to be free to come and go as I please not cleaning horse stables and shucking peas! I was kinda surprised you know cause if he asked me I sure would go even though he’d sometimes scream but maybe in the wilderness he’d release all his penned up city steam. My Chippewa friend still has Penobscot Nation messages posted on her front door She claims he ain’t coming back so she says she ain’t happy like she thought she was before. But how happy was she with those messages posted on her door? Stay away it said Stay away she belongs to me as she became a part of his fenced in destiny. Those Penobscot Nation messages posted on her front door should be coming down as I told her many times before. In the past she chose to ignore me since she said she loved him most definitely I often wondered how their love could exist But I need to mind my own business so she won’t become pissed with me forcing me to flee her company Those Penobscot Nation messages are still on her front door now she says he’s coming back for sure. I feel happy for her Maybe he’s changed a little here a little there I don’t think she cares as long as he comes home to her apartment above the stair to live behind those Penobscot Nation messages still posted on her front door giving all he’s able to give. I know she’s looking for more of his love and his way that Penobscot man’s coming back she hopes to stay.

Copyright 2008 Candece Tarpley