The Geoglyph

geoglyph1.jpg The Geoglyph

by Patrick Kosiewicz

$10 (Trade Paperback)

Fly by Night Press

77 pp

ISBN-13: 9781930083165

Published 30 Dec 2008

Available at St. Marks Bookshop Advanced Praise

"In this age of confessional poems or political poetics, the poet of The Geoglyph has given us a long poem about the nature of nature, the trees that are in our memory, the eternal sunrise, the tribal sense of

ceremony, the mysteries of deepest waters. It is not a scientific diatribe, but a song, indeed it feels like incantation as he makes us imagine the shamens, the cycles celestial, something geological coming from the heart of New York.  I cannot help of thinking of some of the movements of Michael McClure, of his use of logos.  Mr. Kosiewicz makes his own language of disparate influences. I felt many poetic intuitions

turning these pages, a wise bird flies out of its words."

-Victor Hernandez Cruz, Chancellor, Academy of American Poets


"Patrick Kosiewicz is an emerging poet of substantial power and versatility. The Geoglyph is an innovative work that breaks language open to bring us face to face with the microscopic and macroscopic elements of existence.  While the poet takes many risks, they invariably lead to extraordinary rewards."

-Pablo Medina, author, The Cigar Roller; translator, Poet in New York Synopsis

Combining the visions of scientist, sage, and poet, The Geoglyph explores the powers of the elements, the astounding immensity of our planet's physicality, bio-diversity, and humankind's presence as caretaker of and apprentice to the only place in the known universe to harbor life.

In this epic poem, Life and Earth's parallel movement through the ages is observed with millennial eyes that peer into the molecular, organic, planetary, and cosmic. Here, the primitive is the civilized.  The primordial is the most advanced. Here, humanity is the technician of Earth, and Earth, technician of humanity's soul.