A Thousand Ways

To put very simplyThere must be a thousand ways Out here in the ozone

Someone asked me once a long time ago How one becomes a poet So I inquired as to had he dreamed that night To wake up and write it all down Desperately Then, soon, I told him It wouldn't be long He's be dreaming all the time awake or asleep Of his thousand ways to die

Do you drink until your belly becomes liquid? While your muses toast you in adoration Drafting your demise Leading you to each of pennance Over dark thorny paths by your hot sweaty hand Like a curious child To your thousand ways to survive

So, count on every jeweled finger Every tarnished shred of daydreams Becoming slow running nightmare reality Give credit to every weary angel Who lights these paths With broken glass of your shattered mind To your own very personal thousand ways to strive

But, when reality threatens to hit Lucidity kicks in your teeth unexpectedly Just be well aware and warned of your fate That when that day comes Finally bank on a thousand ways to deny, alright?

So, I'll sit in a bar absently rubbing my dry frozen lips

On velveteen of a thoughtlessly scattered petal Of a once very plump pink rose If only to dream of a briefly safe garden Remembering softness gritting my teeth Confronted with my empty beer glass Contemplating a thousand ways Right now, right here, tonight

Music calls me home to you cold and tired Laughing at this large ring On my knobby scarred aching finger Shining risky attention on all my old broken boned imperfections When you're on trial a few times over Defending your life to its hilt Sacrificing, endlessly footing the bill You can't help but dream each night Of a thousand ways to thrive, alright?

That crisp scent of fresh money Sharp and clean as a razor Fast new cars, fancy tastes, exotic rituals Accidents and miracles Enough virgin rope to hang yourself by On special occasions Or, for specific escalations of monumental poetic potential When you are distracted By your own flow of blood Glimpses of hot stolen heroes Raising flames into your flying time I'm sure you'll find my love, at least A thousand ways to live tonight