Idea Kitchen

SUNDAY, July 5,   3 - 5:30 pm Paul Pinto:

My Very Special Recital

Gathering of the Tribes 285 E 3 St., 2nd Fl., (Bet C & D) (212) 674–3778 Coordinated by patrick brennan & Steve Cannon

1st Sunday of each month 3 -- 5:30 pm a new guest composer each month


the project

This is an unfunded musician initiative for musicians & interested listeners to create one setting where musicians can share ideas & learn from each other, where compositional ideas get worked out in a public domain among a variety of personalities & dispositions. For listeners, this is about demystifying music & is especially oriented toward dispelling attitudes that creative & original musics are somehow "hard" to listen to. invitation to composers

invitation to composers

"Composer" here means anybody who invents a way to generate music. This includes, alongside notated & head composition, methods & strategies for coordinating live composition (AKA improvising)

If you have something different for musicians to play, &, even more importantly, if it's something that addresses how musicians might conceive & hear music differently, please contact patrick brennan at with your proposal.

invitation to players

Bring your instruments. Bring your music stands. If notated music is involved, parts & scores can be downloaded in advance from the webpage whenever possible.


At Tribes there's some space, electricity, chairs & an upright piano. Percussion, amplifiers, music stands -- are bring-your-own.


The first 1/2 hour, from 3 till 3:30 is available for each guest composer to perform with whatever musicians if she/he chooses. The exchanges with musicians would run from 3:30 -5:30 (or from 3 without a performance)

Paul Pinto: My Very Special Recital



An exploratory exploration of atunal longfibreous recitation, for strings, electronics, a reciter and the will to succeed

 This is my second "Special Recital" - a series of works which explore a sort of amateur music-making and identifying the "performer" rather than the "musician". My Very Special Recital draws inspiration from open mic nights, Suzuki practice, feng shui, kung fu, Haydn string quartets, meditation and quantum mechanics.

 The linking element: At the start of this project, I knew very little about these things. The work begins as the reciter approaches each as a novice and by the end of the 40 minute work, an amateur.

 The premiere performance at the Gathering of the Tribes Gallery is part of the Idea Kitchen series and is an open workshop for this work-in-progress.


 New York native, Paul Pinto is quickly making himself known in the avant-garde music circles of the metro area as a “cutting-edge” composer, an exciting performer and founding director of the city’s freshest classical ensemble, thingNY. He led the premiere performances of several works of his peers and the noteworthy Scottish premieres of Gerard Grisey’s Partiels and his own ballet Miseke. The successful performances of the latter led to its DVD and CD recording and distribution throughout Great Britain by Learning and Teaching Scotland. Recently, Paul has collaborated with a diverse group of artists including Pauline Oliveros, the Panoply Laboratory, the Berkshire Choral Festival, animator Dan Pinto, Ken Silverman, Thomas Piercy and Pinky Weitzman, and his music has been performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, the Royal Scottish Academy Chamber Chorus, ensemble loadbang, the Carnegie Mellon Concert Chorus and of course, thingNY. On June 20, ADDDDDDDDD (an opera written with the other composers of thingNY) will premiere at the Tank in New York. In July, Paul will curate the Comformer Perposers Series (a monthly laboratory for experimental composers) at the University of the Streets.              


Coordinated by patrick brennan & Steve Cannon