Towards a Post War Language

Towards a Post War Language

by Poonam Srivistava

The time has come        The people said

To talk of other things.         Not of kings and crowns

Of wealth and boundries                     But of life.

It is time to say this loudly                And In every tongue,

Damn the Damners who damn things up

Who hurt the flow so they can       Grow big bellies on the bloody bodies  Of Enemies, perhaps red, perhaps towelheads.

Its time to Damn the Damners who Damn things up.

Blow things up.              Decimate children, people and planet.

Time now to state

We take your language of war        We lay it down by the banks of the              River of Humanity.

We wash your dirty words of collataral damage,                  Of civilian, military, peace zone, strike zone, victory, defeat,

                 Troop, military base, international threat...

We wash your twisted construct of logic       The  "We are Right and They are Wrong" The "Our way is worth the killing and the dying"          The "Our guns protect our peace protect our children                  Our way of life"

We wash all these lies              In the River of humanity                   And lift the Dams of War

Damnation now to the Damners.

While your war empoverishes us        While your saving graces and bailouts are          Reserved for the big powers of war

The people awaken and take back their voice.       Your words and constructs will be             Absorbed into earth's rich soil

Broken down by carbon and phosphorous                 Reduced to primal sound.        Set free to swim and fly like fish and dove.

Bearing life's pain and pleasure                      Without the extra carry on burden of war.

A new language will birth of the released sounds.

Will wander from the hearts and souls to   Bury deep within our one earth's magma core.  The volcanic heat taking us to rich red rock formation       That freely stand for all life                      For all souls to echo voices against.

Damn the damners whose time is up

To cede to planetary peace        Now no more wage slavery             Debt chains holding us back from        Our true roles as creators all                   Pleasure and pain no longer linked to            Your war machine of invisible slavery.

Our world without war is born

Imagine it.     Visualize it.       It is so.                          Not by making things right.              Not by might over fright.            By the river of humanity                                      As it washes its ears clean of the lies.

Turns its ears over to the loved ones             Turns away from the fear and fearmongerers      That damn us and our homes.

No longer will we feed our truth as grist for the war machine.            Now we work and play for creation of beauty and art

And in the natural pains and pleasures of the cycle of birth and death     The 24 hours of the day      The biorhythm that connects us

We will damn the damners

And free the language of love.

The language of peace.

The langage of humanity post war.

Freedom from their corporate lust.

Freedom from the consumerist diet we have assumed.

Freedom from lies of us and them and words with no meanings like democracy and socialism.

Within the new construct we will build a new economy and a new world

Damn the damners they cannot damn us with our powerful tongues now,

We are in tune with the language of love.

© Poonam Srivastava