Opportunist Janet Bruesselbach

In Back To The Wall gallery: "Misogynation", oil on linen/cotton blend (like money!), 36"x36", 2008, $3000

"I'M DOING WHAT I WANNA DO", oil on linen, 32"x32", 2008. $2000

"I Know What I'm Doing: I Don't Know What I'm Doing", oils on canvas, 23"x36", 2007. $2000

"Mountain", oils on canvas, 32"x42", 2007. $2500

In Capital One Bank on 3rd and C (thanks manager Ralph Quiocho):

"You Are A Relationship Between Things", oils on linen, 14"x32", 2008. $1500

"Entitled Mediocrity", oils on linen, 12"x12", 2008. $600

"I Don't Know Anything About Anything", oils on canvas, 48"x36", 2008. $4000

Here is Janet's Site.

Love you all.