New Views of Everyday Life

New Views of Everyday LifeDecember 3rd, 2009 On View All of December Tribes Gallery



Loie Hollowell presents a body of paintings that take a personal, slightly invasive, yet always telling look at everyday live. Hollowell's subject matter primarily comes from personal experience. Although personal, the characters and settings appeal to a universal viewer, slipping somewhere between the subjective and objective.

Hollowell's use of black and white and hard line creates strong contrasts and shapes which enable her to move from a realist space into one that better references Pop and Op art. By dispensing of color there is room for the viewer to fill in the painting at will. As with a black and white photo or film, we are left to imagine a color field specific to our knowledge of what is being displayed. At first glace voyeuristic, in time these paintings move away from subject matter and present us with an artist equally obsessed with tone, line, shape, and space.