February Calendar 2010

Jackie Skrzynski / Hila Sela

Blood and Love: The Ties That Bind

Exhibition from January 30th-February 27th

Opening reception January 30th 6-9pm.

The artists sharing their hearts with us this month at Tribes commit a rare act of optimism. They describe love. Parent, child, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend. These relationships of blood and love create ties that can be stretched to the point of breaking, or redoubled to a strength that lasts generations. Each of these artists holds an ultimately hopeful view of love, but they skirt sentimental notions of archetypal relationships.  




Daniel Jean

“...’Til Death Do Us Part?”

Staged Reading & Critique

Saturday, February 20 7-9pm  $10 

“…Til Death Do Us Part?” is a two-character play written by Daniel Jean that chronicles the tumultuous post-wedding relationship of a young African-American couple. Ricky Donat, 26 year-old inner-city grade school teacher and Sabrina Renee Jones-Donat, 31 year-old Real Estate Agent recently wed in front of family and friends at an extravagant Destination Wedding on a white sandy beach in Aruba. The young lovers immediately encounter growing pains that threaten to destroy the vows they both recently committed to.            


Tribes Gallery and Will McEvoy Presents

Night of Near Music Miss(il)es

Saturday, February 27, 9pm

LathanFlinAli (altodrumsbass)

They say: “we got together and played, and played and played, and we knew it was good because it felt good. There was something there that made us want to explore again, and further perhaps, into dreams and illusions, our experiences and confusions..”  www.myspace.com/lathanflinali

Tom Chess-oud,ney  Will McEvoy-doublebass

Music deeply steeped in the Arabic/Turkish traditions but rooted in Chess’  singular compositions and group improvisation.  The forms and rhythms of traditional musics are a simple starting place leading to complicated forms and harmonies that expand into simplicity and unity as a whole.  Something like a master of middle-eastern hillbilly music improvising with Ornette Coleman over Edgar Varese tunes.  The two play their own language together.   www.myspace.com/tomchess  

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Discuss, have a drink, Play, Drink, discuss and hang. Look forward to it!!

BRING SOMEONE ALONG, we’re sure they’ll have a good time.

*These Events were made possible by David Hammons, Salon 94, Capital One Bank*