Some photos and a statement on Pelepko

By Isaac Pelepko (and Janet Bruesselbach) These pictures show unresolved adolescent issues: sexual self-hatred, inability to unite sexual feelings with any sort of deeper feelings, irresolvable disconnection between intellect and body, disgust in being attached to the male sex, with its sexual crimes committed on women and child. But this immature grotesquerie is treated with formal sophistication. In some of the pictures, a unique stylistic language carries a subconscious influence from great paintings of the past. Other images borrow directly from Rococo and Pre-Raphaelite masters. Compositional ideas are derived from daydreams and enhanced by historical allusion. Pelepko's voice is unique while entering into a dialogue with art history on the failure of transcendence from carnality.

In short, Isaac hates pooping.

The big room at Tribes has been transformed into a giant same-sex octopus-on-woman tentacle rape scene with quotes from the classics of the Western art canon.

More pictures are on their way.