By Phaedra Pinkston Emerging modern dancer Adi Kfir is a recent graduate of New York's own, Dance New Amsterdam. Originally from Israel, the versatile performer is proficient in various dance forms such as ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, as well as release and contact improvisation. Kfir maintains her craft through persevereance, passion, and discipline.


It was at the docile age of six, Kfir began taking a jazz dance classes. The classes left a lasting impression on the performer who in later years, toured with the Boomer Dance Academy both nationally and internationally for ten years prior to moving to New York. Kfir has been inspired by some of the most prolific dancers in the industry such as choreographer Pina Bausch and artistic director Ohan Naharin.

So far, Kfir has performed with the ShirDance Theatre Company in New York as well as with the Raedan Productions of CUNY. Kfir feels that her live performances give her the opportunity to, "transfer and share a personal deep intimate moment that involves thoughts, feelings, and ideas."


So what's next for this enthusiastic new talent? The dynamic performer is currently in the process of preparing for a summer festival in Israel "Mahol Lohet" (Blazing Dance).

Advice the accomplished Kfir has to give to all aspiring dancers? "Don't give up because you think you are not good enough. Have faith and believe in yourself."