The Girleye Show - A Catalog

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April 3-30, 2010

Tribes Gallery 285 E 3rd St. 2nd Floor NYC 10009

Beth Hommel is a photographer and multimedia artist originally from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. Her primary focus is the creation of truthful, unusual portraits. Her work has been seen in magazines and newspapers worldwide, and more than a dozen of her photographs were included in Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Book of Photographic Evidence, which she also designed. She lives in Brooklyn with her muse Kayla. View more at

Beth_Hommel_04_10AM Beth Hommel Before 10 am 16x20 $300

Beth_Hommel_13_Sarah Beth Hommel Sarah 11x17 $200

Beth_Hommel_15_Cello Beth Hommel Cello 11x17 $200

BethHommel_Kitchen Beth Hommel Kitchen 11x17 $200

Beth_Hommel_07_Palms_and_Knees Beth Hommel Palms & Knees 11x17 $200

Beth_Hommel_14_Sunburn Beth Hommel Sunburn 8x12 $200

Beth_Hommel_10_Courage Beth Hommel Courage 8x12 $150


BethHommel_Caress Beth Hommel Caress 8x12 $150

Beth_Hommel_03_Rooftop_Waltz Beth Hommel Ripples II 8x10 $100

Beth Hommel Murder Was The Case They Gave Me 8x10 $100

Beth_Hommel_06_124 Beth Hommel 125 8x10 $100

Beth_Hommel_11_Casey Beth Hommel Casey 8x10 $100

Beth_Hommel_02_BlueBeth_Hommel_01_Red Beth Hommel Red & Blue $150

Beth_Hommel_05_Fingers_Crossed Beth Hommel Fingers Crossed 5x7 $80

Beth_Hommel_17_Light Beth Hommel Light 5x7 $80

Beth_Hommel_18_Kiss Beth Hommel Kiss 5x7 $80

Beth_Hommel_09_Mail_Order Beth Hommel Mail Order 4x6 $50

Anne Marie Hansen was raised in Costa Rica and has spent the past few years living New York City.

AnneMarieHansen_Sky Anne Marie Hansen A Soho Sky 8x12 $100

AnnMarieHansen_ice Anne Marie Hansen Ice 11x14 $200

AnneMarieHansen_self Anne Marie Hansen Miss Mercier 8x10 $100

AnneMarieHansen_faces Anne Marie Hansen Naughty 5x7$100

AnneMarieHansen_cartwheel Anne Marie Hansen Beach 8x10 $100

AnneMarieHansen_silouette Anne Marie Hansen Jump Rose 8x10 $100

AnnMarieHansen_babeland Ann Marie Hansen Babeland at 10 am 9x11 $150

AnneMarieHansen_LES Anne Marie Hansen LES 5x7 $100

AnneMarieHansen_swimmers Anne Marie Hansen Katonah Swimmers 5x7 $80

AnneMarieHansen_FTrain Anne Marie Hansen F Train 11x14 $200

Anne Marie Hansen Wedding Day 5x7 $100

AnneMarieHansen_DeckofCards Anne Marie Hansen A Deck of Cards 5x7 $60

AnneMarieHansen_grin Anne Marie Hansen Lady Lily 11x14 $160

Cassandra Olander resides in Brooklyn, New York and has been a photographer for several years. She has had over 50+ photographs published in Curve, InsideOut, She and GoNYC Magazine, including online features. Her style concentrates on black & white portraiture from a feminist and/or queer perspective. View more at

CassieOlander_tank - danger Cassie Olander Danger 8x10 $125

CassieOlander_tank - silver Cassie Olander Reaching 8x10 $125

CassieOlander_pair Cassie Olander Unity 5x7 $100

CassieOlander_tank - silver2 Cassie Olander Silver 8x10 $125

CassieOlander_david Cassie Olander Vulnerability 8x10 $125

CassieOlander_liz3 Cassie Olander Contemplative 8x10 $125

CassieOlander_w15 Cassie Olander Reflect 8x10 $125

CassieOlander_wazina - bathtub Cassie Olander Bubbly 8x10 $125

Lauren Goldberg is photographer based in New York City. Lauren specializes in band and fine art photography. Aside from photography, she works on film and video, as well as graphic design, silkscreen, painting and drawing, and as many other forms of art as possible. She is attending the School of Visual Arts as of Fall 2009 for photography. Her work is at

LaurenGoldberg_CryingStatue Lauren Goldberg Crying Statue 11x17 $200

Lauren_Goldberg_Disconnect Lauren Goldberg Dismemberment 20x30 $300

LaurenGoldberg_Looking Lauren Goldberg Through the Looking Glass 11x17 $200

LaurenGoldberg_DAFP Lauren Goldberg Dead in the Garden 11x17 $250

LaurenGoldberg_Hand Lauren Goldberg Hand 20x20 $300

LaurenGoldberg_Distance Lauren Goldberg Distance 20x30 $200

LaurenGoldberg_Reflection Lauren Goldberg Reflection 11x17 $200

LaurenGoldber_Stairs Lauren Goldberg Stairs 11x17 $200

LaurenGoldberg_Arch Lauren Goldberg Arch 8x12 $125

LaurenGoldberg_reach Lauren Goldberg Reach 8x12 $125