Waltzing in Quicksand: Poets in Collage

WALTZING IN QUICKSAND: POETS IN COLLAGEMay 21st - June 27th, 2010 Collage Workshop: Sunday June 6th, 2-4 pm Opening Party: Sunday June 6th, 4-6 pm

Music in the Garden by Michael Shenker!

Sunday June 6, 6:30 pm

Tribes Gallery 285 East 3rd St, 2nd Floor NYC 10009

Tribes Gallery is excited to present the exhibition Waltzing in Quicksand: Poets in Collage. This is the most recent and ambitious showing of the work of Poets in Collage regulars Steve Dalachinsky, Bob Heman, Yuko Otomo, Valery Oisteanu, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, and Bruce Weber, who have been exhibiting together in various permutations around town since 2006, with the inspired addition of Star Black, Aaron Howard, Nicole Peyrafitte and Lewis Warsh.

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This exhibition of over 30 astounding images features multiple works by the artists that range from Steve Dalachinsky’s dazzling series of decorative ethnic fans to Star Black’s precise geometric cuttings that glance in and out of magnificent architectural spaces. Also featured in the exhibition are Yuko Otomo’s dancing abstractions in line, Aaron Howard’s boldly colored collages picturing out of this world creatures floating menacingly on the pages of an ancient edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, Bruce Weber’s confluences of shoes, tires and people peering out surprisingly from corners, Nicole Peyrafitte’s re-imaginings of classic naturalistic scenes by Winslow Homer, Lewis Warsh’s expansive permutations of the alphabet, Jeffrey Wright’s punchy experimental shiftings of stamps, magic markers, gouache, spray paint and collage, Bob Heman’s box-like investigations of emptiness and sound, and recent works from the last Surrealist Valery Oisteanu’s erotic model series.

There will be no opening reception on May 21st, although the show will be available for viewing. Sunday, May 23r from 5 to 7 pm  there will be a reading with Donald Gardner and Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo & guests….Open Reading & Contribution!

Sunday June 6th from 2 to 4pm

A collage workshop led by Jeffrey Wright and Valery Oisteanu. Anyone can join in making collages, donation based* Following the workshop will be the party from 4 to 6 pm in the garden!!

Sunday June 13th 5-7 pm

Kathryn Takara & Rashidah Ismaili Read Islands, Issues, Identities: Poetics from the African Diaspora : “Hawai`i and West African Black scholar/poets reflect on the politics of identity, family, community, alienation, and assimilation.”

Sunday June 20th 2-5 pm

The Vision Festival Presents Poetryby:Jeff Wright, Bob Heman, Lewis Warsh. Poetry & Music : Albey Balgochian & Jane Grenier B, Barry Wallenstein, Yuko Otomo - Shayna Dulberger, Jake Marmer / & Alon Nechushtan, Aaron Howard w/Gwen Krueger & Tomislav Butkovic, Steve Dalachinsky , Alexandre Pierrepont,  Tamara Singh, Tsaurah Litsky, Steve Ben Israel  Musicians/Improvs: Ellen Christi, Max Johnson bass, Andrew Barker drums, Charles Waters reeds

Sunday June 27th 5 to 7 pm

What happens next zine collating/reading: Host: Eve Packer: contributors, artists & poets: including Joanne Pagano Weber, Marilyn Sontag, Bruce Weber, Keith Roach, many others.

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Poets-run collage workshop

Tribes Gallery, 285 East Third Street, Manhattan

 June 6, 2010 from 2-4 in the afternoon.

Coinciding with a show of poets’ collages curated by Bruce Weber, Tribes Gallery is sponsoring a one-of-a-kind special free workshop. Join poets and master collagists Jeffrey Cyphers Wright and Valery Oisteanu for an afternoon of creativity and learning.

Wright and Oisteanu are part of a long-tradition of poets who do collages. Wright studied with Alice Notley at St. Mark’s Church. His collages have been included in magazines and art exhibitions. Oisteanu was active member of Ray Johnson’s mail- art Correspondence school and teaches private collage and assemblage.

Materials such as rubber stamps, markers, glue and images will be provided but participants are encouraged to bring extra images. At the end of the workshop you will be able to take some of your creations home.

Wright and Oisteanu have curated several collage shows together and both write regularly for The Brooklyn Rail.

Other poet/ collagists in the show include Star Black, Lewis Warsh, Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo and Bruce Weber.