By Howard Pflanzer



I talked to Thom Corn, the curator of the exhibit, A Starter Kit for Collectors, at the Tribes Gallery on Sunday afternoon, May 16th, just before it was coming off the walls of the gallery.


Pflanzer: How did you decide on the artists for this exhibit?


Corn: I wanted artists who made prints and multiples and/or small works.  I looked to highlight the artists and culture makers who have come through the Lower East Side in the past three decades.  I wanted the most eclectic group of artists around – whether they were from downtown, uptown and midtown.  Any and all styles.


Any guiding idea about hanging the show?


My first idea was a salon style hanging of the art works using the entire space.  If you look around you’ll see a mind blowing assortment of works that cover the walls of the gallery.


How did you find the artists in the show?


My rolodex is a work of art and that was the key to the show.  I looked through it and called artists and if they were at the same number and answered the phone they were in the show.   Almost no one who was asked said “no.”


What is the future of the works in the show?


The whole collection has been photographed and it will be on e-bay, virtual and available, for online sales very soon.  You can buy the whole collection or any of the individual works.  Watch out for it.



Peyote road man

Riding a cycle in three parts


Green woman on a rocky bed

War woman

Moroccan woman

A mandala of breasts

The milk of human kindness


I can still win

Hamburgers and bunny rabbits

Time myself, a John Lennon clock



Geez us


Gaeity I



Dulce de leche


The dwelling series

Kiki’s bluebird

Botanica IV

Acrobats music birds


Tip the hat

With the hand