Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Darker Minds

This poem is not about the Cosmos Or some dim idea people have About a consciousness Responsible for it all. This is about the oil spilling (glug glug) into the gulf of mexico Out of a pipe Some greedy capitalist erected To give themselves more money Than they already have. Can a new expletive be invented To encompass British Petroleum Or BP as all the media enumerate it? Why does bi-polar spring to mind More or less instantaneously? This spill, Which continues As I write Is going to force us to find a new form of darker energy to clean it up or leave thousands of turtles, Birds, Shrimp, and Other forms of life Coated with black and as they die. Why? Because some greedy fools Possibly in London Wanted yet more money than they have And can’t contain The disaster they have created. They can’t or won’t Even accurately measure it yet. Also many thousands of real humans Will lose their livelihoods From the latest, grossest Example of upper class Human greed and now The very Republicans who Killed all the regulation That might have prevented This calamity want To blame Obama for it. May they burn in Hells Created by burning oil For their shenanigans over many years. Meanwhile, let’s put BP out of business With lawsuits We human beings are the only animals able to institute this re-action So we must. No trust or Business must be Allowed to be too large To shirk its responsibility For spoiling yet another part Of this Earth nobody owns But everyone borrows On a long-term loan Without enough conditions So British Petroleum Soon enough (We hope) will come For you to pay up, shut up (Shut the pipe, if possible) And, potentially, To disappear.

Tom Savage 5/23/10