A Letter from Virginie

Dear Steve C, Steve D and Yuko

How is it going in New York City ?

It’s been a long time !

Please give me an update !

I’m back to work but I had a great summer. I travelled for a month in West Africa with Noé. First, we went to Senegal to visit my cousin, who has been living there, in the middle of nowhere near Saint-Louis (north of Senegal). It was great : she lives on the coast, there’s tons of wonderful birds, big red monkeys, wird purple crabs… Saint-Louis is an old colonial city, with many fish boats.

Then we went to Mali for 3 weeks. Noe’s uncle lives there, in a small town near Bamako. We visited him, met many people through him, even a great Malian journalist !

Bamako is a nice city, very green and peaceful. It’s incredibly FULL of Chinese scooters (all the same, called “Jakarta”, sold something like a hundred euros) : it’s the first thing you notice when you get there !

Then we travelled along the Niger river, sometimes by boat, sometimes by road. Trucks, cars more than full with chickens and goats, buses where you can even walk or sit: there’re all kind of possibilities! Then, hiking in the Dogon country, along a huge red cliff.

Anyways, Malian people are great, they just love talking and talking, so you can stay late at night talking with them about everything. They’re always true and humble, so in a way, I felt being in Mali was making me better. You can never lie or hide, or complain with them. I think I never travelled so easily, always talking with people. French is their official language, which makes it easier for us.

So as you can see, I loved this trip ! I hope I’ll go back there.

Steve C., I hope everything is going well for you, your health and your plans for Tribes. Hope you have people taking care of you. I’m sorry I couldn’t translate the two last press releases you sent me. I have lot of work right now and couldn’t make it... I know what you'll say : "You're fired !"

Steve D. and Yuko, when are you planning your annual French trip ? Please tell me !

Have you seen this new new york times website about the East village ?


You should tell them to come and visit Tribes !

All my love to you 3,


PS : do you know Wajdi Mouawad ? Just read then saw at the theater his play Incendie (Scorched). It's fantastic. He's from Lebanon but lives in Québec.