Drink & Draw at Tribes

Tribes will be hosting sketch nights on Tuesday with live models and cheap drinks. Every Tuesday night from 7-10 at Tribes Gallery at 285 E 3rd St, 2nd Floor, New york, NY 10009.

As you already know, the space is occupied and owned by a retired blind professor, and can get mildly rowdy and smokey at times. We'll use the big living room, where there are ongoing art shows, a couch, a piano, chairs, and a P.A. system. All media are allowed, although I'd avoid flammable materials like varnishes and enamels and mineral spirits. Bring your own media and clean up after yourself. We'll have one nude or costumed model a week starting Tuesday, October 5, with the lovely Mari Newhard.  October 12 is Janet's birthday and the model will be Ms Vivian (www.vivalavivian.com).

$10 for 3 hours, running from shorter to longer poses, with the option to pick poses, costumes, and models you might need. We appreciate if you bring snacks and drinks, and may also have wine or beer for an extra $3 contribution.

This is for artists and illustrators at all skill levels who need practice and regular reference, and have at least some figure drawing experience. You are expected to be respectful of the models and in control of your drinking. If you're here, you're paying, and if you're paying, you're drawing or painting. Photography only allowed with special permission from the model.

RSVP to Janet at Bruesselbach dot com / join here, because without a ten person threshold we may have to cancel.