A Tempered Equilibrium Joy Mancini

December 15 2010 - January 14 2011Opening: Friday, January 7 2011, 6-10 pm

Joy Mancini’s sculptures and paintings are of the private realm, an engagement with her subconscious. Through art, she attempts to come to terms with process and to capture and resolve the central issues of the home, love, and sexuality.  What surfaces in her work are emotions that range from terrifying to euphoric and an overall sense of fragility.  Made of stone, the sculptures are shaped into primordial and fragmented forms moving between abstraction and representation.  They resemble archaic fish, truncated bodily organs and appendages in a process of evolution or destruction.  The paintings evoke a peaceful world disturbed.  In one piece, naked figures float in soft pools of color while a gaping sharp- jowled fish threatens like an impeding storm on the horizon. Mancini’s work describes a paradoxical world in which threatening memories of damage are tempered by nirvana-like elements.

web.jpg canvas2.pngcanvas2.png Joy Mancini was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey and was awarded a Bachelor's Degree from The Parsons School of Design in 2006. Her most prominent mentor and influence was the late Louise Bourgeois, whom she met and shares the same birth date.   While Mancini’s love of stone work blossomed at Parsons, her family's stone carving tradition extends back to her grandfather’s monument business. Her early memories watching her father design monuments laid the groundwork for her strong connection to stone.  Mancini has shown at art galleries in Ridgewood, NJ, the Parsons School of Design Gallery, restaurants and law offices throughout New Jersey. As an interior designer, she personalizes the spaces of her clients with original paintings, sculptures, and furniture custom made to suit their taste and lifestyle.

Curated by Christina Mallie

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