The Christmas Song—the Judy Garland/Mel Torme Duet by Patricia Spears Jones

The Christmas Song—the Judy Garland/Mel Torme Duet


“if rainbows really knew how to fly”-

Garland sang


during The Christmas Song

reindeer arch over the piano


as Judy banishes

the antlered beasts caught flying

for many colored bridges of light


her voice is not air brushed

or sound sucked


as the well-coiffed

Mel Torme


plays along

not one note missed


Caught on kinescope—as in improvised;

present to whomever listens

perfections are left to another century

Where garbage in

Garbage out


Leaves reindeer intact

and rainbows without wings.



Patricia Spears Jones

Copyright December 2010

All rights reserved

Patricia Spears Jones

Author:Painkiller, Femme du Monde and The Weather That Kills

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