Profile of Record Producer Joey Cardinale by Phaedra Pinkston

Profile of Record Producer Joey Cardinalestudio_pictures_john__steve_010.jpgWritten by Phaedra Pinkston

New York City is full of raw talent, and record producer Joey Cardinale is responsible for finding them.  Cardinale, founder of Kef Entertainment utilizes the most innovative strategy for both musicians and songwriters starting them from pre-production, all the way to post production.  For the past nine years, this recording company represents artist from various musical backgrounds such as R&B, rock, jazz, and pop.

Producing one or two albums per year, Kef Entertainment is very specific when it comes to signing new talent.  According to Cardinale,

"So many times you will start a project and find that the artist does not know what it takes to be in the music business - the long hours of rehearsal and giving up a social life.  Today there is so much talent to choose from the record labels like to know you have a built an audience, self-promotion with web sites like My Space and You Tube  where you can develop your fan base."

Kef Entertainment actively participates in their client's technique, form, revamping, and sales distribution.

Word of advice from the record producing savvy?

" If you are selling records on your own, a major label will likely give you a good deal on distribution.  Remember major labels have World-Wide distribution."

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