Ishmael Reed at Tribes February 7th

Ishmael Reed, The author of "Barack Obama and The Jim Crow Media "and theforthcoming," "Juice!" a novel that Reed began in 1994 and his first since 1993, will be reading at the notorious Tribes Gallery,285 E.3rd from 5-7 on Monday, Feb.7,2011. Accompanying Reed will be his youngest daughter, Tennessee, a member of the writing Reeds that includes Thelma, Carla and Timothy.They have been called The Flying Wallendas of

the literary world.Tennessee's most recent book is "Spell Alburquerque"( the original spelling).

The Reed will read from new poetry. The event is hosted by Steve Cannon, whom some have

hailed as The Emperor of the Lower East Side, a hotbed of radical activity since the 1800s.

But Ishmael Reed reminds everybody that nobody took a vote awarding him this title.juicefinalcoveroct30.jpg