Sleep by Shavahn Best

Tired tiredSleep come knockin' at my door Don't come in I say Too much I need to do Come back later when the moon comes out to play The possum Leave me a little time before dreams swallow me whole Big teeth little teeth smooth and gummy no teeth Cow tongue baked with onion and mustard served in Zoe's cast iron frying pan Good for knockin' an arm swinging man out The same pan I bake everything in now Steelhead trout to spaghetti sauce lasagna and chicken with orange juice and soy crispied up and tangy sweet Don't come in I say I've got bills to pay Dishes to do and much too much to share but not with you! Don't come in I say I'm busy writin' the President asking him to stop the bombing To save the day Go roll yourself up in a different likeness Offer me rewards like no bags under my eyes no yawning as I read to sweet-eyed girls waiting for the happy ending Come to me in soft cotton light pink and turquoise blue robes zipping across the floor in two-step time Watch the pet spiders in the front window Anything But please let me have this one last moment to thank you really for saving my butt again and again