The Buffalo Readings: Poetry Art Music Gathering of The Tribes

The Buffalo Readings:

Poetry Art Music

Gathering of The Tribes

285 East Third Street (Between Ave C & D) #2

New York, NY 10009

February 19, 2011





Dear New York City,


You are cordially invited to a Buffalo Readings to be held in this the year of our mind Two-thousand-eleven, February nine-teenth and eight hours past noon at the legendary Gathering of The Tribes in New York’s Lower East Side.


Your practitioners for the evening will be NYC’s own Buffalo Poets. They’ll offer up their brand of mind-expanding poetry and Discordian prayers, with musical interludes and crappy prizes for ordinary feats.


Admission is $5 at the door. Poetry and/or performance implements are encouraged, and may be brought.




The Buffalo Readings are run by a gang of poets and artists who call themselves The Buffalo. Founded in New York City in response to the cookie-cutter poetry of the turn of the millennium. The three original members were heavily entrenched in publishing the literary/art zine Ripped, when they decided to hold a reading at Fat Cat Billiards & Jazz in early 2002.


Membership has grown, and the readings haven’t stopped. The Buffalo Poets have become infamous for their all night, improvisational, anything goes readings – heavy on mind, low in fat, high in spirit. Poets and attendees shout “Buffalo!” and “Moose!” between performances.


Since their inception, they have been featured in many venues including a three-year monthly show at the famous squat turned gallery in the Bronx, Casa Del Sol, until its closure by the police in December 2004. Since that time they have popped up in books, talk radio, videos, virtual reality, many NYC venues, the Oxford University Press Blog, and events in Big Sur. They held their own monthly open mic at the Bowery Poetry Club that included a live six-piece jazz band. And expanded to Portland Oregon, running a successful poetry reading there for several years.


Recently they have been featured in the poetry issue of the Millard Boutique zine, and their old school “Rent Parties” have been written up in the New York section of the Wall Street Journal.