Edwin Torres Reading at Tribes Sunday March 13th 5-7

Edwin Torres is a native of the unknown territory called Noricua. With his interstitial poetry rooted in the languages of both sight and sound, he has performed his vocal and physical improvisations worldwide and been published in many journals and anthologies. He received the first Nuyorican Poet's Cafe Fresh Prize for Poetry award, and has received fellowships from NYFA and The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art among others. His visual poetry is currently on display in Chicago's Center For Book Arts  in an exhibit entitled, "Poesis: Visual Language." Among his current projects, he is lead singer/poet for the rock band Los Guapos Planetas. His books include, The PoPedology of an Ambient Language (Atelos Books), In The Function of External Circumstances (Nightboat Books) and most recently, Yes Thing No Thing (Roof Books). 

Five Dollar contribution at the door