Announcing VANDALIRIUM June 17 - July 6

For Immediate Release: VANDALIRIUM

June 17th – July 06th

Opening Reception Friday June 17th 7-11

Tribes Gallery 

285 E 3rd St. 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10009

212 674 3778

Artists: Zero, Ozbe, Mrs

Curated by: Claudine Aime

Building on the visions of their predecessors, the artists leave their mark creating a patchwork mixing old and new ideas, a makeshift mural in its entirety for the public to be its audience.

It’s plastered all over the streets: statements that bleed into the daily scenery, conveying a powerful urban message that gives the artist a voice and makes graffiti much more than just vandalism. Coming straight off the walls and on to a canvas (and other unconventional things) this show is the culmination of color, form and abstraction without the conventional mediums to unleash the power of art; untamed and uninhibited. The artists use acrylic paint, spray paint, silk screen and spray-paint acetate. Along with elements of collage to break down the abstract forms that make up letters and words, this process results in distorted letters becoming less representational and taking on a form of their own.