Saturday, May 21, 7pm Book Launch: "The Commute" by Susan Scutti

Press Release  

A Gathering of the Tribes announces a book launch for The Commute by Susan Scutti on Saturday, May 21st at 7pm.  Featured poets include Michael Carter, Elizabeth Harrington and Lee Klein.  The event is free with a suggested contribution of $5 for Tribes.  Come celebrate!


"By observing nuance and circumstance, Scutti’s poems map a psychic landscape peculiar to the city-dweller, characterized equally by distanced anomie and impassioned desire; an interworld or no-woman’s land where dreams and memories inhabit the same space as the office world and the morning commute, where the boundaries between the external and internal winnow and blur. Carried by a voice that sounds assured even the midst of probing uncertainty and speculation, there is more than incidental lyricism in her syllables and nimble prosody."  Michael Carter, author, Broken Noses and Metempsychoses.


"Susan Scutti’s unique voice is unmistakable in this collection.  Her poems feel organic, as if they’d been born whole.  Poignant, intimate, and evocative, they are grounded in in the everyday world while also being transcendant.  Her topics are diverse:  including, for example, work (“Job”),  Hiroshima (“Death is the mother of beauty” ), and love (“Hymn”).    She leads us into ourselves:   showing how chaotic, contradictory and vulnerable we are while navigating through life experiences.   They make us think and feel.  They make us feel as if we’d experienced them ourselves."   Elizabeth Harrington, author of two award-winning chapbooks:  The Quick and the Dead (2010) and Earth's Milk (2007).