The Arts(Performing)@Tribes… Airing Tonight

A New Cable Show on Chanel 57 at 9:30pm on Thursday, July 28 An interview (Part One) with Sarah Kipp along with extensive clips of her work.

Sarah is a painter, sculpture, writer, photographer, performance artist and videographer. Her work is highly original and timely. I first saw it at ABC No Rio.

As Sarah says:

The stories that I tell encompass the beautiful and the monstrous simultaneously. As I work, I think about the balance of the self physically, genetically, and psychologically. I wonder about how these elements function together as a convoluted dichotomy, forming a creature that we know as human. My work is about life and remembering from multiple points of view. My stories are told through the many characters that make me who I am. Sometimes the character is painted and frozen in time...communicating silently. Other times she comes to life and tells her story in a different way. But the core remains the same, and together a unique balance is created.

If you miss the show you can see it at your leisure at

Twelve more shows are in the works. They include visual artists, dancers, musicians, actors, directors, etc. An additional four will be filmed in Prague in the fall.

This series would not exist without the continuing generous support of Steve Cannon and A Gathering of the Tribes.