The 2011 Venice Biennale d'Arte a Tour in Three Parts by Lee Klein: Part 1

The poet John Farris said "Its not About Time" , but it is just ask the LIon D'or 2011 winner for best art piece in the main exhibition "illuminations" , Christian Marclay who has taken moments from cinema and verbally or visually quotes virtually every minute of the 24 hour day. And a Biennale is about time such as the amount of it between your arriving and departing flights to take flight of fancy to see every exhibit main and corollary as well as all of the national pavilions and even to find out which one should be seen.

Meanwhile, this writer's Ipad cracked and he had to turn it like a pizza pie in order to type any message out or see any content- Speaking of which this all seemed like a long ago dream in the breeze between sprtizers, Camparis (not Elliot) where the garnishment went from olive to orange upon my request.


"Everybody agrees its about to explode" the India pavilion (India's first official entry in the form of a national pavilion in the history of the Biennale) had as one of four artists a work by Gigi Scaria called elevator from the subcontinent which used the narrative device of an elevator of elevator car to take you up and down an apartment tower. This viewer found it a very effective work wandered into in happenstance and perhaps one device for  moving forth with video projection which had not been deployed before and something new under the Venetian sun.


Some foreign royal of prime minister came through with Biennale officials and security guards and this writer got up from the Marclay to figure out who it was and he could not and found himself pretending and actually standing before and staring at a cast of a classical sculpture of Giovanni Bolagna's 16th century rape of the Sabine women which turned out to be wax and along with two other ones being a viewer and a chair all by Urs Fischer all set to melt violently as the exhibition progresses -progressed and as it is about time this writer did not at the time have the time to figure this out but at a later time did.