Where Am I Exhibition

A Gathering of the Tribes Presents WHERE AM I?

To inquire about the sculpture work visit us Friday- Sunday from 1-5, or make an appointment Monday-Thursday with the curator at 9086037517.

The tactile experience of sculpture works by


Opening Reception: FULL MOON. Friday, 11/11/11. 8-11PM

Tribes Gallery: 285 East Third St. Between Ave C and D. LES.

November 11-Janurary 5, 2012

Come experience art from the perspective of Lower East Side’s blind, bohemian legend, Steve Cannon. The founder of Tribes Gallery, who's Third St. apartment has served as a local, non-profit institution to young artists and writers for decades, went blind in the early nineties. He's been known to demand, half jokingly "Where am I?" frequently reminding people; "I can’t see a goddamn thing!"

The concept of the show is to simulate his experience with art, the experience of being one of what is sure to be very few, perhaps the only, blind gallery owner.

The room will be dark and filled with fog. Video installations will dance on the walls, and live music will accompany attendees as they're guided through a labyrinth of various sculpture works. From Bob Clyatt's more traditional expressions of human form, through Joan Fine's towering, gaunt creations, all continuously encountering things new and foreign embody a perspective like none before; to experience art without vision.

The opening of Where Am I? is an experience, not a traditional exhibition. The art will be displayed in a conventional manner beginning on November 12th, with the show running though January 5th. The art is being auctioned at the closing date.

Curated by Jessie Mac

Sponsored by

Free Four Loko. BYOD.

$5 recommended donation towards helping out Tribes