Music this Friday!

Rayvon Browne, et alFriday the 27th of January at A Gathering of the Tribes 285 E 3rd Street, 2nd Floor beginning at 8pm

Rayvon Browne - the exploratory and sometimes semi-lewd freaky folk trio brain-child of Cal Folger Day and Morgan Heringer, with Joel Kruzic on upright bass performs and presents a night of top-notch songwriters seen around "the scene" including

Solid Goold - Albert Goold and family, like if the Von Trapps were cool and could blow changes instead of just singing solfege

Matthew Silver - performance artist seen around Astor Place (the only place he's allowed to busk without being accused of "disturbing the peace"), known to wear women's clothing and literally lasso an audience

Free Advice - our good lookin friends from Swan Loft

Jim Flynn - gentle literary giant of the lower east side, knows how to spit a rhyme and have a good time

The Sneaky Mister - this young lady makes a ukulele look downright intelligent, and that's no small task

This is a chance to check out Erin Carmody's exhibit "Zero, Infinity, and the Guides" before it closes, and have a drink/smoke with legendarily infamous Steve "the blind guy" Cannon, Tribes' director and resident couch-occupant.