OCCUPY excerpt from Fool's Gold by Steve Dalachinsky

“to every thing turn turn turn” i saw them snatch the nets out of the hands of the police they liberated the nets i told her & anyone else who’d listen

liberate the nets put the pelts back on the animals

back streets nowhere – everywhere occupy nowhere - everywhere wear yer coda arms as you occupy fall street on a fatal night with a dark’ning chill in the air not knowing what it means to be hungry yet hungering for a taste within this myasthma a healthy miasma / lunchdined occupy mall street occupy small streets

liberate the nets give the pelts back to the animals liberate the nets

in the pitch dark of general assembly clear windswept echoing words after a now dimmed light words of liberation from power money greed others the others who have all these other things words of solidarity occupy call street liberate the pets played out clouded ghostly a fall into madness -

what others would confirm as madness i hereby affirm as SANE

occupy stall street effects which lead up to a storm storm the unsplendiferous faceoffs the ones who have plenties back to one most sublime yet ominous calm liberate the jets storm the balmy occupy ball street a wall’s a wall-a-street’s a street buildings built build up the legions / not noise for noise sake

it’s not like this hasn’t happened before but it’s not the first time it’s the first time it’s not as though things have changed but nothing has changed though things are changing what appears to be a move to a more open society - prohibition is coming degrees won but not paid for debts owed or piling up bigger dwellings / loans alone the leaves turning - “there is a season – turn turn turn”

signs a revolution of signs for what it’s worth or “how did a nation founded on right go so wrong” – right left right wrong scrawl street / crawl street / hallway

hit & hauled away / occupied & liberated the big scribble – take power away from the people & give it to the people considering the nature of one’s injuries the art of forum shopping & maniacal masters of the megalopolis swiftly erasing the slogans swiftly painting new ideas if you need to invoke swift yet random truths it is much brighter here in the new wing but it no longer smells of life the underclass looks different in a different light the middle class a shade duller / blue collars look grimier forever health & the transworld buddhist bank the global bank & cathay bank / the asia bank & funeral home dr. toothy’s florist bank / the city clerk / donations for a bigger tent / we are home / we are home & those who believe they are free are ENSLAVED & those enslaved believe they are free occupy freedom / the new world tower / the radio fidget twigster emote serenity / occupy wall/mart crowd the unseen courtrooms & their relationship to others filling up space with their remote control speaking in between days marooned soldiers on a small island in the midst of a rainstorm with its concrete bedrolls air-flowers & biographies with its once read twice seas of blue tarp & barter its eternal temporality & touch & go

photograph your taste buds presume that all is lost but not at a loss all’s not lost you stammer recommend recommending / commending & mending mention me to the sleeveless legions as you leave the party to join the MOVEMENT check with the maid to see if anything’s been left behind for instance – a bible – a bobble – a bangle – a bright colored bead a chance encounter – a panel discussion – a crossed signal – or fool’s gold perhaps some fool’s gold

“i left my hankie the other night”

liberate the nets give the pelts back to the animals occupy ALL STREETS - “& a time to every purpose under heaven….”