Tribes Summer Reading Series

Tribes Summer Reading Series Sunday July 8, 2012

It's our first reading series, come listen to these emerging writers!

The Secret's's the line up:


Abigail Welhouse is an MFA candidate at the City College of New York, focusing on poetry and literary translation. Her writing has appeared in such places as Frostwriting and the Fox Cry Review. She has previously read at the CCNY MFA Reading Series and the Earshot Reading Series. If you know anyone who can help her fulfill her dream of naming nail polish colors professionally, please tell her after the reading.

Cathy Taylor states she has no credentials, just her work. Her writing is tightly organized but she wants for it not to feel that way. She wants the listener/reader to feel free to imagine a painting, a thought, a song or even a wrong note.

Robert Balun has done his best to travel and become a well-rounded person. He writes with the perspective of the post-9/11 student-loan generation, and tries to do as much as possible. Robert has been a reader for the Earshot NYC reading series, and his writing has appeared in the journals O Sweet Flowery Roses and Promethean, and the zine Sleeping in a Torn Quilt / Dreaming of Gold. Recently, he was selected as the winner of Empirical Magazine's 2012 Poetry Contest. Robert lives in Brooklyn while he pursues his MFA at City College.

Crystal Vagnier is a CCNY alum and an award-winning playwright. Attempting to live up to the honor of “The Abraham A. Bernstein Class of 1930 Award: For a Graduating Senior Who Demonstrates Promise in a Creative Field” (what a title) Vagnier has since scoured various parts of the world in search of stories. After multiple road trips across America, a two month stay in the South Pacific, and a year of living in and touring the Middle East and Eastern Europe, she has 177 countries and 13 American states left to explore.

Featured Reader:

Kate Levin is about to make her publishing debut in the 2012 edition of the literary review The New Guard with an excerpt from her unpublished novel Punk Prophet. She is a member of the Buffalo Poets who read around the city and regularly here at tribes every third Friday of the month. She is also adept at moving paperclips with her mind. She's hoping to move on to people soon.