Bluebird of Happiness Homecoming Danse

Rayvon Browne curates an exquisite Bluebirdman of Happiness Homecoming Danse to celebrate their return from touring abroad. And we mean boogie. This event is a cool part of the annual NYC Charlie Parker festival. Saturday, August 11 5-10pm, $5 A Gathering of the Tribes 285 E. 3rd St., 2nd Floor, NYC 10009



Isaac Katalay is an artist and orator whose main objective is to promote the beauty of connections in humanity. Born in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and now living in New York City, Isaac Katalay's music represents the blending of two worlds. For the past two decades, Isaac has worked as an ensemble musician, choreographer, dancer, and speaker. It is the everyday movements and music of daily life that provide a lens through which Isaac Katalay experiences the world.


St. Lenox is the current project of Andy Choi.  He was trained as a concert violinist at Juilliard, and learned the Great American Songbook at jazz jam sessions in Columbus, OH.  He is an electronic singer-songwriter who employs sampling, classical melody lines, soul music and pop skill to write songs about politics, love, and the wonders of ordinary life.


Albert is a bit of keys maestro, a precociousness that fulminates in a Baroque-Vaudeville-Death-Metal contraption. Joined by brother Charles on drums, father Ned on soprano sax, and Steve Conroy on bass.

Photo credit: Jim Flynn


Morgan Heringer is a “ukulele virtuoso” (The New York Times) and Cal Folger Day has “vocal control & onstage presence [that] command attention” (The New Yorker). Together they present a diverse set of original tunes & compositions, plus some remix’d classix, featuring vocal harmonies & swapping around on keyboard, uke, guitar, Casio, upright bass, mandolin, melodica, & more. The release of their second album 'Companion' in May 2012 was followed by a tour of the UK. They will release their third set of recordings with Basement Floods Records in October 2012.

Photo credit: Charles Lavoie