Art Show Rules

Tribes is seeking art show proposals for all of 2013. In the interest of honesty and clarity:

If you want to show


here is


This can be turned into a contract if necessary.

  1. Send samples of your work and a description of the show to and at least 2 months in advance of when you want to show. We will give you the go ahead or not.
  2. We do not have funding to support art shows unless you bring it to us. Write a grant or collect enough to donate to Tribes to cover its operational costs: at least $200/day, $1000/week, $3000/month. You may be able to fulfill some of this by donating your labor in the office or in restoring the space, but this still involves grant writing. Be competent, frequent, and useful at these things. Get to know Steve and make yourself part of the community.
  3. We do not have a permanent paid staff, so don’t rely on the volunteers. If you cannot either promote, prepare, and install yourself or hire someone to do it for you and follow these terms, you should not show here. YOU MUST COVER ALL EXPENSES. You can cover them with the aforementioned grant or crowdfunding, but these are not included in the operational costs listed above.
  4. Confirm the dates and terms of the show 6 weeks before its starting date. Openings can be any evening, but neighbors have complained too much about Saturdays.
  5. Have a press release 1 month before the opening date, and send it to Come to Tribes and use our press contacts, bulk mail permit, and printer. Make sure you have FINALIZED your press release before it goes out online. It should include the title, participants, date, time, address, contact information, and at least a paragraph of description. An image is also good. The press release MUST go out before 2 weeks prior to the opening date.
  6. Begin installing 3-7 days before your opening date.
  1. DON’T DO ANYTHING TO THE SPACE YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT REVERSE. You are responsible for cleaning everything up.


    1. Use glue or tape on the wall
    2. Use water soluble paint or pens
    3. Paint over light switches
    4. Use candles
    5. Embed mounts in the wall
    6. Leave fasteners in the wall
    7. Spill paint on the floor. Lay down tarps or newspaper.

You will owe us at least $1000 in damages for each of these things if you do them, but what’s more important than the punishment is that you DON’T DO THESE THINGS.

8. At the opening, it is customary to pay for the wine and other refreshments by taking donations of $3/cup and sometimes door donations as well. You must find someone to pour the wine and work the door. Ask Tribes volunteers.

9. You must stop playing music in the back yard by 10 pm, in the apt by 12pm, and everyone must leave by 2 am. Come in before an event to make sure the place is in good shape, and clean it up afterward because visitors will be there the next day.

9. Tribes requests a donation of 40% of sales of any work. Officially, Tribes isn’t selling anything, but checks written to us count as donations, so we operate as a go-between, and it makes buying things easier. Understand that you have to be paying enough attention and be present enough to sell work and keep track of your money.

10. Re-emphasizing because it’s important: CLEAN UP. Leave the space in better shape than you found it. Remove fasteners, spackle, sand, remove everything you put on the walls and repaint if you made art on the wall. Don’t leave art here after the closing date. We have enough “donated” as it is.

The main point is, it is up to you to make things look professional. You need to make something to be proud of. Regardless of your genius, it is not a privilege of yours to have other people do the gallery work for you. This means that things can be as you want them, but it also means that you must show respect for yourself and others. I don’t mean to insult you – all of this should be obvious and possible, and we really want to show your art here. But if you don’t promise to take care of these things, you cannot show at Tribes.

Janet Bruesselbach, 11/27/2012