Divine Comedy book party!

For Immediate Release: Steve Cannon’s Fly By Night Press has just released a collection of Ron Kolm's recent poems. The title of the book is Divine Comedy. The book release party/reading will be on Saturday, May 18th, at seven in the evening. Thad Rutkowski, Chavisa Woods, Carl Watson, Bonny Finberg, George Spencer, Tsaurah Litzky, Rob Hardin and Steve Dalachinsky will be reading from the book. As always, Jim Feast will be the MC. There will be copies of Divine Comedy for sale at a special price.

divine comedy cover graphic 1(1)

Amazon Review by Michael Lindgren:

The poet, editor, and activist Ron Kolm has been a part of the downtown literary scene since the mid-1970s, when he was among the writers and booksellers who rotated around the now-legendary Strand / Eighth Street Books / CBGBs axis. Kolm is a member of the literary collective the Unbearables, where he has acted as editor and anthologist for a series of counter-hierarchical literary endeavors of varying scope and impact, and is currently an associate editor of the (now online-only) Evergreen Review. The publication of Divine Comedy represents the clicking into place of the final facet of his multivalent career, and an elegy of sorts for a dirtier, randier, tougher, lost city. The book consists of a series of brief lyrics describing, with acerbic humor, the misadventures in sex and love and literature of a sensitive-but-fearless poet-narrator at sea in the whirlwind of the New York City demimonde in all its seedy glamour. An essential, era-defining work; a classic of rough'n'ready alternative literature.


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